Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Check-up Time

...in our neck of the woods. John finally stayed out of the hospital long enough to make it to a regular GI check-up. That's a lot to celebrate right there. But there's more. His GI nurse was thrilled with him, he looked great, his weight is finally stable (no gain yet, but no loss and that is a big victory) and his labs looked fantastic. She called this morning to tell us that his blood counts are up to normal levels and therefore no more Monday and Thursday epo shots - HOORAY!!!! On our scale this morning John picked up a little more weight even and is looking chipper and playing with toys. His little cheeks are starting to fill out again and I'll see if I can get him to smile for the camera sometime today. Our GI nurses advice yesterday was to "take him home and
keep doing what you're doing, he looks great." Wow! What a wonderful thing to hear. Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes, your support means more to us than we could ever tell you. In Christ's Love, Mark, Gina and John who is currently lounging on the futon playing with two enormous stuffed ducks ;-)

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