Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Just Another Day

John woke with a wet bed and a snotty nose, but his bum looks a little better. Also applied new cream to his g-tube.

Had to change his central line dressing as it was pulled too close to the entry point. Sure hope it wasn't that way long and that nothing bacterial got to it.

Maci was sitting up by herself for long periods yesterday. She still can't pull into a sitting position on her own but is probably not far from it. Her cough seems to be a little better - but still there. Her Saline County caseworker is coming today.

Both babies were great yesterday. Mark stayed upstairs with them for a long while in the morning and let me work on the basement. Surely between husband, kids and dogs too I'm the most blessed woman I know. Thank you Lord for such a wonderful family.

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